Strategic Goal 6: Fostering a Dynamic Renewable Energy Economy

An accelerated transition to RE creates new opportunities of development, calling for increased assistance and support from different stakeholders, including the Government and the private sector. It is necessary to establish measures for the sustained development and progress of RE with the aim of creating a full-fledged RE economy. The development of such an economy would be expected to, amongst others, entail the design of investment plans for the promotion of RE. With the establishment of these measures, the position of MARENA as a one stop shop will be reinforced as a gateway for private RE investment in the country.


• SG 6A: Development of a Greener Economy;

• SG 6B: Creating RE Financing Frameworks and Instruments;

• SG 6C: Implementation of Regulatory Measures for all types of RETs;

• SG 6D: Job Creation.