Strategic Goal 4: Accelerating the Development of Sustainable Transportation

This Strategic Goal (SG4) is focused on ground transportation for this period. SG4 paves the path for the grand move towards e-mobility with an immediate call for phasing out vehicles depending on fossil fuels along the 2040 horizon. However, the work towards developing a roadmap for e-mobility starts now with a concomitant increase of renewables to meet the electricity needs primarily off the grid. This SG also addresses the need for its future integration into the grid when the grid becomes smarter. On a softer note, biofuel developments are also kept alive. MARENA and stakeholders need to continue to monitor progress and adjust goals and strategies as these technologies and market evolve and mature.


• SG 4A: Policy to phase out fossil fuel-based vehicles by 2040;

• SG 4B: Accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and related supporting infrastructure;

• SG 4C: Incorporate renewable fuels into transportation sector.