Call for Proposals (Round 2)

National Scheme for Emerging Project Concepts Based on Renewable Energy Technologies


Deadline : 12 October 2023


The National Scheme for Emerging Project Concepts Based on Renewable Energy Technologies (NSEPCRET) has been set by the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, the Central Electricity Board (CEB), the Energy Efficiency Management Office (EEMO) and the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC).

NSEPCRET aims at solely on-grid connections where the promoters  are allowed to export electricity to the grid against a form of renumeration.


The scheme is catered for promoters/developers of emerging/innovative concepts of projects based on RE technologies. The underlying criteria to be eligible for NSEPCRET  Scheme are for  “Emerging”, “Innovative”, “Adaptation”, “Technology Venturing” and “Commercial Scale-Up” projects.

1. The term “Emerging” shall be interpreted as technologies that are “currently developing, or that are expected to be available within the next five to ten years, and is usually reserved for technologies that are creating, or are expected to create, significant social or economic effects”;

2. The term “Innovative” shall be interpreted as either “radical or incremental changes to products, including the implementation of a new or significantly improved product”;

3. “Adaptation” projects refer to the “introduction of existing commercial technologies into new markets or localities”;

4. “Technology Venturing” refers to “moving a particular technology from the R&D phase to the demonstration phase” and

5. “Commercial Scale-Up” projects refer to “achieving broad commercial activity across the value chain of a technology – from manufacturing to retail deployment

Note: Technologies retained under NSEPCRET Round 1 will not be considered.


Testing phase

The proposed project having a net output capacity of up to 2 MW per unit/proposal will be evaluated and upon selection, sign a connection agreement with CEB for:

1. A Research & Development (R&D) period ranging from 6 months up to 1 year where the promoter would benefit from a rate of Rs 4.00/kWh during which no minimum guaranteed performance is required. [OPTIONAL]

2. A testing period of 1 year where it shall comply to the minimum guaranteed performance as per the connection agreement and the promoter will continue to benefit from a rate of Rs 4.00/kWh.

The promoters shall seek their permits/clearances upon approval of the proposals.

If the pilot project implemented meets the Guaranteed Performance, it may be considered for up-scaling to a maximum of up to 10 MW.


Following the Call for Proposals, projects submitted will be evaluated based on the criteria  listed above  in section 1.1 and information submitted in the application form.

The purpose of the Application Guidelines is to assist the Project Developer in compiling the required information requested on the application form.

Project Developers are requested to consult them prior to submitting an online application.


If you encounter technical difficulties in submitting the online application, kindly contact MARENA (preferably by email ) for further assistance:

MARENA Address:

The Chief Executive Officer,

Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA)

Level 6,

The Célicourt Tower,

Sir Célicourt Antelme Street,

Port Louis

Contact details:

Tel: (+230) 214-2222

Fax: (+230) 214-2230