Call for Proposals (Round 2)

National Scheme for Emerging/Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies



With a view to fostering Research & Development (R&D) and stimulating industrial innovation in the field of Renewable Energy (RE), the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA), operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities (MEPU), in collaboration with Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) and the Central Electricity Board (CEB), has set up the National Scheme for Emerging/Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies (NSEIRET).

1.2 Second Round

The Second Call of Proposal was launched in December 2020 and closed in February 2021. Six proposals were received, out of which, two were selected, namely Innovative Advanced WindWall Rooftop Wind Power Generation by Easycool Ltd and SUNfarming Research and Training Centre for Mauritius by SUNFarming Africa Holding Ltd for an allocated capacity of 18 kW and 200 kW respectively.


The NSEIRET aims to explore emerging/innovative RE Technologies under a pilot phase basis for small unit sizes not exceeding 200 kW in capacity, and which may be replicable and scalable.

The term “Emerging” shall be interpreted as technologies that are currently developing, or that are expected to be available within the next five to ten years, and is usually reserved for technologies that are creating, or are expected to create, significant social or economic effects.

The term “Innovative” shall be interpreted as either radical or incremental changes to products, including the implementation of a new or significantly improved products.


Proposals in English version, should be submitted online [click to open] on or before 28 February 2021 at latest. Proposals received after this deadline will not be considered under this Round 2.

Applicants are invited to go through the Application Guidelines [click to open] to view all the information required for the proposal submission.

3.1 Clarifications on Call for Proposals

Applicants requiring any clarification on the Call for Proposal may notify the MARENA in writing at the address indicated hereunder:

The Officer in Charge,

The Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA),

Level 1, Coaster Shed B, Port Louis Waterfront,

Port Louis 11320


E-mail address: info [at] marena [dot] org (please include the word 'NSEIRET' in the subject title)

The MARENA will respond to any request for clarification which it receives at latest fourteen (14) days prior to the deadline for submission of proposals. Request for clarification received after the above deadline shall not be entertained.

The replies for clarification will be posted on the MARENA website.


In the merit-based review process, consideration will be given to each of the following criteria:

  • Compliance to requirements i.e. technologies must be mandatorily related to generating energy from renewable resources;

  • The uniqueness/ingenuity of the proposed concept or application as an innovative and sustainable concept;

  • The technical soundness of the proposed technology to meet the innovation objectives set in the proposal. The plan must specifically address the amount and type of work to be performed both by the Developer and by the collaborating entities (excluding CEB, MARENA and MRIC) and describe the necessary cooperation and coordination;

  • The financing structure of the proposal (including gearing, financing costs, tenor, capacity to raise funds, among others);

  • The potential of the proposed concept for significant commercial application and socio-economic benefit; the likelihood of the project to attract funds from the private sector and/or international partners;

  • Qualification and experience of the Project Leader, the Innovation Partner(s) and other team members in relation to the proposed research and innovation;

  • Reliability of the technology;

  • Hazards, safety and health issues posed by the project;

  • Environmental and social aspects including (emission impacts, waste impact, job creation, social benefits, among others);

  • Capacity to collaborate; and

  • Relevance to Mauritius.

Pre-selected Project Developers may be invited to make a presentation on the proposed innovative technology to a panel set-up by MARENA at a given date and time, with a view to having a better understanding of the operation of same.


The MARENA, CEB and MRIC recognise that the Proposal contains confidential and proprietary information that is the intellectual property of the Developer, which is provided for the sole purpose of participating for this call for proposal. It is agreed to maintain such information in confidence and not to copy nor disclose this information to any third party not directly responsible for responding to its contents. The contents of the Proposal shall not be used for any purpose other than for this present scheme. The Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement can be accessed on the MARENA website.


MARENA will notify promoters of the outcome of their submission.

Should the project be approved under the Scheme, the selected Project Developer shall thereafter execute a Connection Agreement with CEB, within three (3) months after being approved under the Scheme.

6.1 Salient Features of the Connection Agreement:

a) Following signature of the Connection Agreement, the Developer has a period of six (6) months to secure all necessary permits and licenses, including EIA, for implementation of the pilot plant.

b) The Developer has a further six (6) months to complete the installation of the pilot plant.

c) Once commissioned, the Developer shall enter the Testing and Monitoring Phase for a period of twelve (12) months during which the Guaranteed Performance in regard to annual energy production will be monitored.

d) All energy exported during the Testing and Monitoring Phase shall be remunerated at the tariff of MUR 4.00 per kWh.

e) The pilot plant shall be deemed to have passed the Test & Monitoring Phase if the Guaranteed Annual Energy quota has been met.

6.2 Reporting and Update

The Project Developer shall report to MARENA and CEB on a quarterly report on the progress /status of the project.


In the event that the performance of the pilot plant satisfies the minimum Guaranteed Performance, same may be considered for up-scaling further to approval of CEB’s Board and successful negotiation on an Energy Supply Purchase Agreement (ESPA) with CEB.


  1. Only Online Applications will be accepted.

  2. The MARENA reserves the right not to make any award or to accept or reject any application following this call for proposal.

  3. All costs associated with the preparation of the application will be borne by the applicant.

  4. The Applicants are encouraged to submit any other additional information they deem necessary for strengthening their application.

  5. No funding will be made available from MARENA, MRIC and CEB to implement the pilot plant under this scheme.

  6. MARENA, CEB and MRIC shall not be part of the collaborating parties under this scheme.

  7. The CEB reserves the right to not sign any long term ESPA with any successful Developer.

  8. While the MARENA, CEB and MRIC may assist, it shall be the sole responsibility of the Developer to secure all necessary permits and licenses required for the setting up of the pilot plant.