Application for Information Systems Officer

The Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA) has been created to oversee and promote the development of Renewable Energy in Mauritius and operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. The Agency intends to fill the following vacancy and invites candidates who have the necessary experience, expertise, interpersonal skills and drive to apply.

MARENA is inviting applications from qualified candidates for one Information Systems Officer on contract basis for two years renewable.


  • A degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Geomatics, which includes GIS (web-GIS preferred), database management, web-development (Java or equivalent) from a recognised institution or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the Agency.


  • At least three years’ experience in geospatial analysis (e.g. QGIS, ARCGis), web-GIS, database design and operation of multi-user systems;

  • Experience with database management tools and applications (MySQL or equivalent);

  • Experience developing and managing large spatial and attribute data sets through GIS and managing geospatial databases (geoserver or equivalent);

  • Experience in Python coding, Visual Basic is an advantage;

  • Experience in web development and managing web-platforms, including content management system (CMS);

  • Experience in statistics software representation and web-publishing (e.g. Tableau software); and

  • Experience managing information and developing data lifecycle processes for an organization in areas of governance, storage, data distribution and information visualization/interpretation.

Candidates should produce written evidence of experience claimed.

Candidates should:

  • possess good communication, interpersonal and organising skills; and

  • have the ability to manage a team of officers.

Mode of Application:

  • The Scheme of Duty together with the prescribed online application form is available below.

  • ONLY Online Application will be accepted.

  • Deadline for application: 03 September 2019

Female applicants are encouraged to apply.


Knowledge management :

  • Design and implement, delivery, support and management of web-GIS applications (openlayers, geoserver), storage, operation and update of web-GIS databases. Maintain a database of renewable energy projects in Mauritius updated, with associated geospatial data (zoning, others);

  • Perform geospatial analysis as required (e.g. QGIS);

  • Develop and maintain the corporate website of MARENA, publish news, information, documents, videos, pictures; including web analytics monitoring and the generation of monthly reports;

  • Develop the Knowledge portal of MARENA, including FAQs on renewables, factsheets, links, videos, web-GIS maps, and other interactive features; including web analytics monitoring and the generation of monthly reports;

  • Developing and manage web-applications based on SQL server as required;

  • Develop and maintain a secure web-application for renewable energy experts and projects applications;

  • Maintain the contact database of MARENA updated, with mass-mailing capabilities for questionnaires, newsletters and other engagement initiatives;

  • Publish online newsletters, Press releases, policy briefs;

  • Publish all publications of MARENA in a format crawled by search engines;

  • Capture and upload digital pictures on the website of MARENA;

  • Develop and publish campaign websites, blogs, temporary websites as required by the communication activities; and

  • For internal needs (cost calculations), internal tools, develop Python-based routines and Visual Basic routines on excel.


  • The procurement, implementation, management, support and disposal of PCs, laptops, printers & peripherals, mobiles, sim cards, telephone systems, facsimiles and various other telecommunication accessories/peripherals;

  • Ensure telephony & PC services and products are provided and maintained according to agreed Service Level agreements (SLAs);

  • Perform daily checks where requested to maintain the integrity and performance of the IT Infrastructure;

  • Manage suppliers in accordance with the SLAs;

  • Management and ongoing maintenance of an asset database/inventory for all IT hardware and software;

  • Implement network and systems changes, maintenance routines and resilience testing, using the appropriate tools, test equipment and adhering to the MARENA change process;

  • To perform database, systems administration and network administration and management.;

  • To set up and configure computer systems;

  • To configure and maintain operating systems;

  • To conduct analysis of user needs for development of application software;

  • To perform software application maintenance;

  • To assist in procurement of computer hardware and software;

  • To provide support for computer hardware;

  • To schedule preventive maintenance of all hardware and network audit at regular intervals;

  • To define standards and methodologies for systems implementation and operation;

  • To perform quality assurance on computer systems;

  • To devise and apply security measures for computer systems;

  • To develop and maintain website; and

  • To coordinate interaction between the MARENA and solution providers for the supply and implementation of outsourced IT Applications.

To perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Information Systems Officer in the roles ascribed to him.

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